Terra Toys Robot

I recently walked in Terra Toys in North Austin and was shocked to find a whole section of robots! I could have stayed all day, playing with the robot pencil sharpener, the wind-up tin robots, and the bigger, more complex models.

Though I left that day empty-handed, I couldn't get the biggest robot out of my mind. When it comes to robots and emerging technology in Austin, I become like a kid again. They never cease to amaze me or cause me to marvel about all the things they can be programmed to do. That's why I started InTechSys and why I continue to love introducing others to all manner of emerging technologies.

The fascination of unmanned system capabilities continues to unfold right before our eyes in Austin, and you can be a part of it. I would love to introduce you.

Terra Toys' Toy News Network, Episode 1

This is a fun little ad made by the Terra Toys staff with a brief cameo by the robots.